Citizens’ group hosts “Ocean Frontiers II: A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea”

Are you interested in a sustainable future for our community? Are you interested in securing a strong local economy? Are you interested in renewable energy projects that benefit local communities? Then this film will interest you. The citizens’ group Sea Commons will host a new documentary “Ocean Frontiers II: A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea” at the Cape Ann Community Cinema at 21 Main Street in Gloucester on Monday, February 3rd at 6:30pm. A short panel discussion will follow with some experts answering your questions.

Ocean Frontiers II is a documentary film about future ocean management planning efforts and specifically, leasing the sea floor to private corporations for developing an offshore wind farm. Ocean Frontiers II describes the process of an offshore wind farm project. Rhode Island-based renewable energy company Deepwater Wind won two leases up for grabs in a federal auction for the rights to develop offshore wind power in a 257-square-mile area of waters off Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Deepwater Wind won the auction with bids of $3.7 million for the north section of the area, which is believed to be more suitable for development, and $94,000 for the south section.Who really benefits with “Marine Spatial Planning” and the development of offshore wind projects? What is Marine Spatial Planning? How do these development projects benefit our community?

A recent article in the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/23/business/energy-environment/us-offshore-wind-farm-made-in-europe.html?_r=0

Tickets are discounted to just $5.00, and can be purchased in advance by contacting Sea Commons (see below). Tickets may also be purchased at the door, first-come, first-served.

Sea Commons (www.SeaCommons.com), the sponsor of the film, is a group of concerned Gloucester citizens interested in promoting a regional dialogue/public forum about the future of our Seas, and how citizens will adapt to sea level rise. For more information, contact Camron Adibi at Sea Commons at cfadibi@gmail.com or (978) 381-9709.

Learn more about the “Blue Economy”.

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